Thursday, August 25, 2016


by Amanda Smith Breon

Pilates IS for men.  Contrary to a stigma that Pilates is for women, the Pilates Method of body conditioning is an exercise system that was created by a man for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. At Excel Pilates Annapolis, men as well as women are practicing and thriving on the benefits of Pilates. Professional male athletes and professional sports teams are incorporating Pilates as a fundamental component in their training. Pilates is an extremely physically challenging, mentally engaging and athletic workout for ALL bodies. Men specifically can benefit from the flexibility aspect of the exercises as men are anatomically predisposed to tight hamstrings and lower backs.  Pilates also creates a connected, balanced, integrated body and improves your reflexes to prepare you for the unexpected. It will help you improve your sport, help you to sit through long meetings and recover from traveling.  It will help you move through life. 

It’s a lifestyle and one that includes energy, resilience, grace, and finesse.

Do you want to be able to play soccer or kickball on Tuesday nights and still be able to
walk on Wednesday morning? Would you like to become more coordinated and integrated so that you can improve your golf game? Do you want to be able to sit at your desk and
accomplish tasks without aches and pains? Or, would you simply like to be able to run and play with children or grandchildren without fear of injuring yourself? Perhaps you would just like to stand taller with better posture in your next group photo at work or at home. If you can answer yes to any of these questions Pilates is something that you should try.

The Pilates Method has been around for over a century and has out lived just about
every fitness fad. It is a complex exercise system comprised of mat work and exercises on
several pieces of apparatus that utilize metal springs for support and resistance. Pilates
strengthens your abdominal wall, back muscles, inner thighs, and gluteal muscles, all of
which are commonly called “your core” or as we like to say, the powerhouse. Every exercise is comprised of equal aspects of flexibility and strength to create balance in the body. The exercises strengthen the weaker, less used muscle groups while stretching the stronger over used muscle groups. Pilates also improves posture and alignment, balance and efficiency of movement.

Anatomically, men are built with a pelvis that is tipped slightly back which often
results in tight hamstrings and lower backs. Popular activities such as running, cycling, hiking and weight lifting can increase this hamstring and lower back tightness commonly leading to pain and/or injury. The Pilates exercises help to strengthen muscles while also increasing flexibility. Many men comment on how much more flexible they feel after incorporating Pilates into their life. They move more freely in their day to day routines as well as when they are more active in sports that they enjoy.

Many professional male athletes include Pilates in their training regimes and attribute
it to injury free seasons, longer careers and more powerful, agile bodies. Because Pilates
focuses equally on strength and flexibility it uniquely benefits the professional athlete by
preventing injury, developing mindfulness of their body, and increasing their control. Pilates
also addresses imbalances that can be created in the body with repetitive one-sided
movements such as golf or pitching. Athletes who are accustomed to a “no pain no gain”
mentality where they work and sweat to the point of nausea and fatigue are taken by surprise by the effectiveness of this mindful approach to conditioning. “The Beast," Chicago Cubs Cy Young winning pitcher Jake Arrieta, does Pilates nearly every day and uses it to warm up before every start. “It’s an incredible experience,” Arrieta says.

“Pilates has been around a long time but maybe was taboo in this sport. I think it’s only a matter of time before you see a reformer in every big league clubhouse.”

In fact, in the newly remodeled Wrigley Field, there is a new training room with Pilates equipment. Professional athletes that incorporated Pilates into their training also include golfer Tiger Woods, New Jersey Nets basketball star Jason Kidd, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Curt Schilling, Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl offensive guard Ruben Brown, PGA Tour pro Rocco Mediate2, and Brooklyn Nets player Kris Humphries3.  The Brooklyn Nets have invested in Pilates equipment for their weight room and have had Pilates equipment shipped to their hotel on road trips.4

Pilates IS for men and the benefits are vast. Pilates supports physical health and
activities from the day to day to the most demanding and athletic. Joseph Pilates proclaimed "In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you'll have a whole new body." Consider giving Pilates a try. You may achieve your best fitness goals yet. We offer classes for men, private and semi private sessions at Excel Pilates Annapolis. Our teachers are second and third generation classical instructors comprehensively trained directly from the lineage of Joseph H. Pilates. All you need is an open and willing mind—and a pair of socks. We hope to see you in the studio soon!

Experience our introduction to Pilates class, specific for men. 

Visit http:// 

for details and registration.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


by Kerry De Vivo

Here I am with my first Pilates teacher, Steve Giordano.  This photo was taken at the life celebration that followed the funeral service for our mentor Romana Kryzanowska,  27 years after I had my first Pilates session. 

June 1986 - that's when I had the great fortune of accidentally discovering Pilates through my dance endeavors.  I took Pilates sessions three times a week for six weeks and my body was completely transformed.  I knew I had discovered something special.   

Fast forward thirty years.... I've been teaching Pilates for over 20 years and have been a studio owner for nearly 18 years.  If I have life distractions that pull me from my Pilates workouts, I'm physically and mentally not myself.  Pilates has truly become a way of life for me.  It's an essential element.

I'm amazed that 30 years later, I still struggle with the neck pull in the Mat work. It is the ultimate exercise to work my imbalances.  But then there are other exercises that I've "conquered", such as the long back stretch on the Reformer.  I can remember the first time doing that exercises.  I remember exactly where I was and recall thinking, "I'm going to crash and burn on this one".  Just proof of my favorite Joe Pilates quote "Time and progress are synonymous terms - nothing can stop either.".  

What my body needed and was challenged by 30 years ago is different today.  But the beauty of Pilates is that it's a system of exercise that supports and challenges my body and mind as I evolve.  As a teacher of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, I have had the pleasure of witnessing many people develop their own relationship with the work and how they incorporate it in their life.  The great thing about Pilates is it is a form of exercise I can realistically say, I will do for life!  

Cheers, here's to 30+ more -Kerry De Vivo

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


How Old is Your Spine?
By Kerry De Vivo

"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." -Joseph H. Pilates

Back pain is very common in the United States.  Two major contributing factors are poor posture and too much sitting.  In a Pilates session, we teach clients how to have good posture and how to support their body in various daily, natural movements. We also help clients discover how to incorporate more movement into their busy days.  

One of my clients has a one hour commute, each way, followed by a 10 hour day, mostly sitting in a chair.  In her sessions we work on ways for her to add more movement and support to her long days.

"As a newer student to Pilates, I have found that setting aside just 15 minutes daily to do the basic 5 [mat exercises] has helped ease my back and chronic neck pain after long days of sitting in front of a computer.  Even when I don't have time for a full workout, doing just the basics prevents my muscles from tightening up and causing more pain.  Thank you for helping me Excel!" -D'Ann

Thank you D'Ann for sharing your story and inspiring all of us to do something good for our spine.  Pilates exercises the spine and our deep supporting muscles. Read my blog article The Secret Weapon to better understand why the core strengthening Pilates produces is instrumental to a healthy spine.  Pilates is a full body workout.  In every session we strengthen the muscles in the upper back to counter act the forward facing daily actions we all do, i.e. driving, typing, cell phone, cooking.  
A study on how Pilates core strengthening impacts overall health published in Stone Hearth News concluded that an 8-week Pilates program improved health related quality of life and reduced functional disability more than either a trunk strengthening exercise program or controls among women with chronic low back pain. Read more here.

This study reveals measurable improvement in 8 weeks bringing validity to Joe Pilates' famous quote "In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, in thirty sessions you will have a new body." -Joseph H. Pilates.
So keep up the home mat practice and if you know someone who suffers from chronic pack pain, share this issue with them.

This video is of Excel Pilates Annapolis apprentice, Caraline, demonstrating back bend on Joe Pilates' apparatus called the spine corrector.


Monday, January 11, 2016

It's a Matter of Time


by Kerry De Vivo

Ironically, I was at the National Clock & Watch Museum on New Years eve.  How appropriate to be at a museum that celebrates time when about to embark on the holiday that tends to make us all ponder time.  

Time... how if flies by, and what we make of it.  The New Year, oh yes, we’ve been through this before.  A time of renewal, a new beginning, another round of self promises.  Well, I think meeting our New Year resolutions regarding fitness, all comes down to time.  We will always make that call to sign up for the new Pilates session, IF we make time.  We will always practice our exercises at home, IF we make time.  

What is my point?  My point is, if we make our health and exercise a priority, we will always find time for it.  Believe me, I struggle with this just like everyone else.  If I make my Pilates workouts an option, then often there is not enough time in a day.  If I commit that my Pilates workouts are mandatory, it’s just a matter of determining the time of day it will happen.  But it WILL happen. 

Years ago a client said to me that she realized it wasn’t a matter of IF she was going to practice her exercises every day, it was a matter of WHEN.  So true.  If you want to keep a resolution that involves exercise, take on this mindset and then figure out what works for you.  Another client said his ritual is 10-10-10.  So at 10 p.m. every day, he practices his first 10 mat exercises which took him 10 minutes.  This daily practice, along with regular Pilates sessions, is a perfect recipe.  Figure out what works for you and you will say, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Another consideration about having success with a New Year resolution is the type of exercise one chooses.  Pilates is a workout for life.  It is a cumulative method, where concepts build upon one another.  It also builds the body up vs. wearing the body out, and therefore it can be done for years.  Heck, this June I will celebrate my third decade of doing Pilates.  Yup, 30 years!  Lucky me.  And I’m aspiring for at least 30 more!  So as time passes, Pilates continues to support my body while simultaneously providing challenge.

With the New Year in front of us, and a year of time to sculpt, consider this quote that caught my attention at the museum.

It IS a matter of time.  What will you allow your time to “fill” up with?  What will stand out as a priority?  And isn’t is suiting that my favorite Joseph Pilates quote is, 

“Time and progress are synonymous terms - nothing can stop either”.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Pilates Empowerment
by Kerry De Vivo
Kerry and bust of Pilates
Kerry standing with the Bust of
Joseph Pilates in New York, NY

Since every store is now fully displaying holiday cheer, we can admit that the holidays are approaching.  Now that we've admitted it, let's deal with it.  As a teacher of 20 years, I've notice trends.  One is, that as the holidays approach, and between the November/December/January holidays, our focus decreases as there is a lot of seasonal items to manage.  The work of Joe Pilates can support us through more stressful times, but we need to set ourselves up for success in fully experiencing these benefits. 

In a blog post I did earlier this year, titled The Secret Weapon, one passage that I wrote is very applicable for this time of year-

Bring all you have to your session.  You are responsible for contributing to your sessions. What you "bring" will directly effect the results of your session.  Focus on what motivates you to arrive to your session.  Bring an open, positive mind and check everything else at the door.  Do not allow daily distractions to keep you from reaching your physical and mental fitness potential.  Develop a strong Pilates core, an EMPOWERED BODY, an EMPOWERED MIND.

It is incredibly easy to let "life" whisk us through our days without stopping to do something to support our bodies.  For some good inspiration, Click Here.  This story about an 86 year old Pilates teacher sends a simple and clear message.  Commit to exercise, commit to yourself.  

Keep your workout routine and even add a little extra here and there.  YES, even the basic 5 mat exercises WILL revive you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

APU- Pilates Gives Back Day

Pilates Gives Back: METAvivor of Annapolis

Client’s cancer survival & advocacy moves local Pilates studio to action

Thirteen years of constant treatments for breast cancer had taken a toll on Kelly Lange of Annapolis. Her bones were weakened and her body felt mangled. After a spontaneous rib fracture, a nurse practitioner recommended Excel Pilates Annapolis and owner Kerry De Vivo as a path to strengthening her core, but Lange was skeptical.

“I never imagined that I could execute even the most basic Pilates exercises,” Lange said. “But after working with Kerry and her team, I found myself getting stronger. Pilates has given me back the strength to live a more normal life. Pilates is perfect for an imperfect body.”

Lange’s determination and story of survival have led De Vivo to support METAvivor this month during a nationwide campaign “Pilates Gives Back,” launched by the 

Authentic Pilates Union.  

METAvivor is an Annapolis based organization founded in 2009 by four women with metastatic breast cancer who wanted to fund research with the specific goal of ending death from the disease. Lange is a past president and current treasurer of this group.

Excel Pilates Annapolis will host a free in-studio Pilates demonstration on 

Wednesday, September 16, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. 

Lange will take part in the demonstration and converse about how Pilates has assisted her in recovery. Donations of any amount for METAvivor will be accepted during the event and all month long at the Excel Pilates studio in West Annapolis (11 Annapolis Street, Suite A).

Also, $10 raffle tickets for two one-on-one Pilates sessions with Kerry De Vivo (valued at $150) will be on sale at the studio until Saturday, September 19, the official Pilates Gives Back Day. The drawing will be held that evening. All money collected for the raffle will also go to METAvivor.

“I am so inspired by Kelly’s positivity and hard work,” said De Vivo. “She is a very driven client and does a workout that would wear out the average athlete. Her medical history does not interfere with her progression in Pilates. If you observed her sessions at the studio, you'd be in awe.  We are, every time we teach her.”

Kerry De Vivo & Kelly Lange

Excel Pilates Gives Back to METAvivor - How you can participate

·         Purchase $10 raffle ticket at Excel Pilates Annapolis Studio now through Saturday, September 19, for a chance to win two 1-on-1 Pilates sessions with Excel owner Kerry De Vivo. All money goes to METAvivor.  Drawing will be held on Saturday, September 19, the official Pilates Gives Back Day

·         Attend the Pilates demonstration & discussion with cancer survivor Kelly Lange on how she utilized Pilates in her recovery on Wednesday, September 16, from 12:30 to 1:30, at Excel Pilates Annapolis, 11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, Annapolis. 

·         Monetary donations of any amount will be collected all month at Excel Pilates Annapolis for METAvivor.

For more information, contact the studio at 410.897.0550 or email

Monday, August 31, 2015


The Gift of Teaching Pilates
by Kerry De Vivo
Pilates Empowerment
September 2015 Scoop

Twenty nine years ago, through my dance training, I stumbled across Pilates.  I consider it one of the best accidental discoveries of my life.  And this year, December 5th to be exact, I celebrate my 20 year anniversary of teaching Pilates as a certified, second generation (trained in the direct lineage of Joseph Pilates) teacher.  My accidental discovery has awarded me with more than a workout, it has given me a career. Furthermore, through colleagues, training apprentices, and dedicated clients, I have shared Pilates with countless individuals all who have made the past 20 years something to pause and reflect on.

20 (it's a pretty big number....)

Of coarse, to me, it's not surprising that I would be teaching, sharing the life's work of Joseph Pilates, for 20 years.  After all it's genius work.  But, I still find inspiration from the many clients who have been a part of that 20 year journey so far, most who I have worked with for many, many years.  To share what my generous teachers have shared with me with follow teachers, apprentices and clients has been a remarkable journey.  My students continue to be my best teachers in many ways and I'm grateful for their dedication to Pilates and to my studio.  I really believe what we do makes a difference for all of us.  Pilates is all about finding our individual potential, physically and mentally.

So to all of you who have allowed me through your generous and trusting selves, the opportunity to share the life's work of Joseph Pilates with you, my studio home with you, and our lives with each other for 20 years, thank you, thank you, thank you.  It is truly an honor.  It is a gift.

I will be reflecting on my 20 years of teaching in additional blog posts and our the studio Facebook page this month.  I hope you will read along.  Lesa McLaughlin, owner of Excel Pilates DC, will join me in posting stories, reflections, teachings about her years of teaching Pilates as she celebrated her 20 year anniversary of teaching in July this year.  
Be sure to look at our Facebook pages through the month of September.