IT MATTERS HOW YOU GET THERE - Short Box Series Edition

IT MATTERS HOW YOU GET THERE – Short Box Series Edition 

by Amanda Turner

For the love of Pilates, stop clanging around the short box!  Ha, just kidding - kind of.  In our next installment of “It matters how you get there” I thought it would be a great time to review how to appropriately set and remove the box for your Short Box Series.  

Carefully walk over to the Reformer and place it over the shoulder blocks, between the shoulder blocks and the pegs for your handles. 

Double and triple check that the box is not resting on a peg (if it is, when you sit on it, it will puncture) and that the box is centered on the Reformer, no tipping over please.  

To remove the box, use both handles and your powerhouse.  Lift the box up from both sides and then remove it away from the Reformer.  I can guarantee if you attempt to lift one handle up and yank it off you will clang into the shoulder box potentially damaging the shoulder block, the short box, or yourself.  Not to mention, Kerry and I will give you the side eye for not following directions ;) In our studio we store them upright and away from the Reformer, carefully walk it over to where it’s stored and tuck the bottom handle under and stand it up right.  

Your safety is our first and foremost concern.  You come to Pilates for a healthy body, please use caution with the apparatus to protect yourself - not to mention, it’s expensive and the repair/replace timeframe is extensive.  

Should you like a demonstration of proper placement and removal, we are happy to show you.  See you in the studio!