DIGGING DEEPER - Get to know your Pilates exercises: Pull Strap and T

Pull Strap and T

by Amanda Turner

Hi Everyone!

This month I wanted to review Pull Strap and T on the Reformer.  They are considered Intermediate level exercises and they are in the first few that you would begin to layer into your Reformer repertoire.  They focus on extension of the spine, and it feels so good to open the chest and stretch the abdominals! 

Amanda performing Pull Strap
Amanda performing T

 Set Up:

The Long Box is placed on the Reformer, long way, in front of the shoulder blocks.  One spring on.  You’ll lie on your stomach with your legs over the springs, shoulders in line with the shoulder blocks, and your head over the head rest.  

 Pull Strap:

Grab your leather straps, walking your hands up the leather, handles will go to the outside of the frame, knuckles to the outside of the frame, squeeze your glutes, legs together, head drops down as if your forehead could touch the box.  

 Inhale, lifting your eyes, chin, and chest, drag your knuckles down and back pulling your straps back while your arms stay narrow to the frame of the Reformer.  Squeeze your shoulder blades, open your chest.  Exhale, scoop the abdominals deeper as you reach your knuckles down to the floor and forward dropping your head.  Repeat for 3 reps total.


Slide your hands to the beginning of the leather with your fists out wide, in line with your shoulders.  Head is in line with the spine, eyes looking at the headrest. 

 Inhale, lift the eyes, chin, and chest up, reach the arms out wide pulling the arms back toward your hips, squeezing your shoulder blades together, exhale as you reach the arms out wide to return dropping the head in line with the spine.  Repeat for 3 reps total.  

 To Transition out of:

 Bring both handles into one hand, swing both legs to the same side as your handles and round your spine up to standing. 

Exercises to help you prepare for Pull Strap and T:

 Practicing Pull Strap and T standing 

Practicing Pull Strap and T lying on box using 1 pound hand weights

Swan on the Mat

Swan on the Ladder Barrel

Chest Expansion in the Standing Arm Weight Series

 Enjoy reviewing and reinvigorating these exercises and feel how much stronger the back of your body becomes (back, triceps, glutes and hamstrings)!