Student Shoutout - Heather


 Student Shoutout - Heather

By Brittany Martino 

This month’s Student Shoutout is highlighting Heather who has been a client at EPA since 2016! Heather is a shining example of Joe Pilates’ quote “Time and progress are synonymous terms – nothing can stop either.” When Heather first started her Pilates experience at EPA, who knew it would be the makings of a Rockstar. That’s how we often refer to Heather as she executes some of the hardest Pilates exercises with excellent form and mindfulness. Heather is focused and has great balance between being motivated and humble; two great characteristics to bring to a session! We asked Heather to take a moment and share her Pilates journey. Here’s what she had to say:

Heather performing Leg Pull

What inspired you to start Pilates sessions?

“A dear friend and I were talking. We worked together in New York – at a job that required us to lug presentation books from client to client – and years later, we were both experiencing aches and pains from the imbalances in our bodies. “Have you tried Pilates?” she asked. I hadn’t. “Try it,” she said, but she insisted I find a classical Pilates studio that would pay the utmost attention to alignment. I found EPA, and the rest is history.”

How has your Pilates practice affected your life? 

“Thanks to the fundamentals of Pilates and Amanda’s focus on my form, my posture is infinitely better than when I started, which has alleviated a number of aches and pains, including a bum hip and horrible headaches.”

Heather during Stomach Massage Series on the Reformer

What is one of your favorite Pilates exercises? 

“I LOVE the Wunda Chair, especially Flying Eagle and (when my body is up for a challenge) Push Ups and Reverse Swan Dive Teaser. [I know you didn’t ask for my least favorite exercise, but I always find it helpful to hear what exercises other clients are struggling with. For me, it is 100% Backstroke on the Reformer!]

Heather performing Pull Ups on the Cadillac

How have you been able to stay so consistent with your Pilates practice despite your more recent health issues?

 “For the last couple of years, I have been struggling with a still-undiagnosed health issue that, in short, has made it difficult for me – a complete foodie with a healthy appetite – to eat. So I haven’t had the energy for other forms of exercise I used to enjoy, like hot yoga and walking. But because the Pilates Method is so flexible, and because Amanda is so in tune with my body, I’ve been able to stick with Pilates. It has been a godsend!”

We are so proud of Heather and it’s been an amazing 6 years watching her continue to meet and crush goals despite unexpected physical hardships. She inspires us every day and no doubt she will inspire others with her story!