DIGGING DEEPER - Get to Know Your Pilates Exercises: Boomerang


By Amanda Turner

Hello! How is it July already?!? I hope you’re enjoying your summer! This month we’ll be digging into Boomerang. I love this advanced level exercise because it combines several of the other exercises that we’ve been working into fun, fluid movement. 

Imagine smashing your Open Leg Rocker, Teaser, Roll Over, and Rowing arms into one exercise and the result is the Boomerang. 

This exercise is great for improving balance, strengthening your inner thighs and abs, opening the chest, and strengthening the upper back and triceps. 

It's called Boomerang for a reason, you go back and come right back up! 

Figuring out (and remembering) the choreography is the hardest part of this exercise - once you have that mastered, I promise it will provide a fun and youthful feeling - I can just picture my boys rolling around doing this exercise without giving it a second thought.  

An EPA Client demonstrating Boomerang!

Set Up:

~Sit up tall with your right leg crossed on top of your left, hands pressing into the Mat right by your hips.


~Simultaneously lift the legs while beginning to roll back. Once the legs are in the air, the hips lifted, arms pressing into the Mat, head resting on the ground (no weight on your neck), open and then close the legs switching to the left leg on top. Begin to roll back up, stopping in your Teaser, and reaching the arms forward toward the toes (shoulders are in their sockets, collar bones lifting). Maintaining the legs, circle the arms around back, focusing on keeping the shoulders down, clasping the hands if you can. Deepen your abs, dropping your chin to your chest, lowering your legs to the Mat with control, lifting the arms to the ceiling, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Release the hands, circling them back over your legs, stretching forward. Keep the abs scooped here - it’s easy to release them into the stretch. Stack the spine, pressing your hands into the Mat. Repeat three more times, alternating legs on top, 4 reps total. The breath is inhale and roll back, exhale up to the Teaser, inhale and circle the arms to the low back, legs down lifting the arms, exhale with arms circling back over the legs. 

Common Cues:

~Lift the bottom inner thigh, deepen the low abs to initiate the roll back

~Reach the arms down and glide them forward, reaching for the toes as you come up

~Shoulder blades squeeze down and together, rotating the shoulders open as the hands clasp, lift and circle around to the legs

~Squeeze the inner thighs together when in the Teaser-like position

~Squeeze the inner thighs and glutes while stretching over your legs

~Scoop the abs and anchor the sits bones as you stretch forward (think about the Roll Up).

Exercises to improve your Boomerang:

~Roll Up

~Rolling Like A Ball

~Open Leg Rocker


~Roll Over

~Reformer Mat Rowing 1 and 2

If you haven't been taught this exercise yet, ask your teacher which exercises listed above will best begin to prepare you to move in the direction of learning Boomerang. Enjoy!