DIGGING DEEPER - Get to Know Your Pilates Exercises: Leg Pull Front

   Leg Pull Front

By Amanda Turner

Hi, everyone! Let’s dive right in!

 Leg Pull Front - it’s one of those exercises that you might have done something similar to (such as Push Ups) in some other variation of an exercise, and this has both benefits and downfalls. The benefit being that it’s fairly easy to teach and understand, the downfall is that your form and execution of the exercise might not be “Pilates.” I also love this exercise because it’s easy for students to see which exercises will help them improve this exercise, and after they master this exercise, which exercises they will progress to. Leg Pull Front is an advanced level exercise.

 Set Up:

After you’ve finished Swimming and you’re sitting back on your heels, rounding your spine, you will extend your arms, tuck your toes under, and shift your weight forward into your Push Up position. No additional walking out of the hands or movement is needed! Efficiency :) Heels are together, toes apart, and hands are under the shoulders. The most common thing I see is to have the hips elevated or sagging, so make sure they’re in alignment by squeezing the glutes and inner thighs and reaching through the crown of your head to keep your spine long. 

You will lift your right foot off the Mat, not moving the hip alignment. Rock back on your left heel, stretching the Achilles tendon, rock back to the starting position, as if someone is pulling that leg, and lower your right foot back to the Mat. Your foot position should not have changed. The height of your leg depends on your ability to use your powerhouse to keep the body and pelvis aligned. Do the same thing on your left side. Repeat for 3 sets total.  
See, sounds easy, right?! If you know Pilates, you know it is easier said than done ;)
Common cues:
~Lower the hips into alignment
~Squeeze the glutes
~Shoulders away from the ears
~Pull the shoulder blades down and together
~Keep the chest broad
~Reach through the crown of your head to the tip of your toe

Strong exercises required before learning Leg Pull Front:
~Single Leg Kick
~Double Leg Kick
~Push Ups

~Long Stretch
~Down Stretch
~Up Stretch
~Arabesques 1 & 2

This will progress into:
~Leg Pull

~Arabesque 3
~Balance Control Push Ups

Wunda Chair:
~Push Ups 1, 2, & 3

If you haven’t learned this exercise in the studio yet, keep working on those Mat exercises I listed above in your home practice and if you have learned Leg Pull Front, practice the cues to clean it up and execute it precisely!