Student Shoutout: Youth Class

Student Shoutout: Youth Class
By Kerry De Vivo

Welcome to our new series, Student Shoutout, where we teachers get to brag about you, our amazing clients!

I’m kicking this series off by bragging about my online youth class. This group of middle and high school students from four different states, meet up EVERY week for our class. Some now do individual sessions too. Each session they make amazing progress and prove that Pilates (even once a week) makes a difference. These students are focused and fun and I have met a lot of their pets (as you can see in this photo of Ginger with her cat, Mo, AKA professional photo bomber), and they have met my dog, Lucky. (Not sure what it is but pets seem to LOVE online Pilates sessions). I am so thrilled to begin this new series featuring these amazing students. Having stumbled across Pilates at age 17, I have a special place in my Pilates heart for sharing this method of exercise with our youth. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Pilates doesn’t just work miracles, it also makes you feel better and it has helped me with my rib and shoulder pain. I feel more energized and motivated after each session.” 
- Gavin

"Pilates helps me as a workout and in recovery. I do year-round swim for two hours a day, which Pilates helps me so I don't get injured or sore. My favorite exercise on the Mat is Single Leg Circles, and my least favorite exercise is Spine Stretch Forward. Ms. Kerry has helped me so much and I think she is the best teacher ever! And the best Pilates helper is Lucky!" 
- Ginger

"I am 12 years old and I just started doing Pilates on Zoom over the summer and it really helped me. I take dance and have been taking it for nine years and it really helps with my flexibility levels." 
- Maria

- Kerry