Concentration by Kerry De Vivo


by Kerry De Vivo

Example of concentration with Amanda Turner

                     This month, I invite you to take a journey with me regarding the Pilates

Principle of concentration. Consider how the Pilates workout is concentrated
with limited repetitions. This is designed for us to work at peak performance
within those repetitions really concentrating on each action. Aside from the
Hundred, with one hundred repetitions designed to warm us up, most
exercises are only 3-10 repetitions. We are to apply our peak performance
to each repetition and move on.

"Contrology is not a fatiguing system of dull, boring, abhorred exercises repeated daily "ad-nauseam.”
-Joseph Pilates.

And the concept from
one exercise, while practiced with only a few repetitions, will be visited in
other exercises in your sessions and on other apparatus.

Concentration is also involving the mental aspect of the Pilates Method.
This month, I challenge you to integrate decisive mental concentration
in your sessions and self-practice workouts - being in the moment of each
of the limited allotted repetitions and yet ready to hear the cue for the next
exercise. This will involve minimal dialogue between you and your teacher.

“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do
them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits.”
-Joseph Pilates