Wednesday, May 16, 2018


At Excel Pilates Annapolis, all of our teachers are second or third generation teachers, teaching Pilates from the direct lineage of Joseph H. Pilates. After the passing of Joseph Pilates, his studio was managed by his wife Clara. Later, Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates, maintained his studio. Teachers who completed their teacher training through a first generation teacher (in Excel Pilates Annapolis owner's case, Romana Kryzanowska) are categorized as second generation teachers. All the other teachers at Excel Pilates Annapolis, have completed the rigorous Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program, and are third generation teachers.

Teachers trained in the lineage, and dedicated to the original work, teach the original Pilates Method which is very powerful. They are not taught exercises, rather they study a method- the Pilates Method of physical and mental conditioning. A properly trained teacher will know how to modify, vary and layer exercises for all clients. This teacher also upholds the intent and spirit of Pilates.
Interested in experiencing Pilates, the full Pilates Method with both the mat and apparatus work?  Reach out to us today!

Excel Pilates is located at 11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, Annapolis, MD 21401. Reach us at or by calling 410.897.0550. For more information, see the website

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