Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Teaser Family Tree

The Teaser Family Tree
by Kerry De Vivo

Every exercise in the Pilates vocabulary is related. Like a family tree, we can take an exercise and work backwards through the order to find the similarities as well as the fundamental skills that are needed from exercise to exercise. Some exercises are more obviously related and resemble one another. Learning about the relationship between exercises can be very helpful in understanding a challenging exercise as well as discovering what fundamental skills or building blocks we may need to continue to progress with any given exercise.
In the case of teaser on the mat, can you think of some exercises that are building blocks for a strong and successful teaser? The hundred looks like a mini teaser, the roll up is a teaser with the legs placed on the mat, rolling like a ball requires the balance and control of a teaser as well as the ability to articulate and roll through the spine. Keep going and we see double leg stretch in the stomach massage series which also looks like a mini teaser position and open leg rocker takes rolling like a ball a step closer to teaser with the legs extended while balancing using the powerhouse. 

Alexandra Adams, owner Excel Pilates Northern Virginia

A strong teaser requires strength in the powerhouse, the ability to articulate through the spine, flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back, breath, control and balance. Check out the similarities between these exercises and teaser in your home practice or ask your instructor for some help in your next session!

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