Student Shoutout: Valentine's Day

 All you need is love...and Pilates!

On this day where we celebrate love, our Student Shoutout goes to two of our couples who do Pilates. Some of our couples who do Pilates do so together, while others prefer individual sessions. Either way, we love how couples choose to grow “young" together with Pilates. This Student Shoutout features two couples who do Pilates together.

J & J have been doing Pilates with us since 2013. They have been dedicated to their weekly sessions, and have taken advantage of the online session format. In fact, they created their own raised Pilates Mat and purchased Magic Circles. From their consistent Pilates practice, they have enjoyed increased flexibility and a great recovery from a significant injury. They notice the progress each has made and their progress makes our day. They say, "Pilates has been great for us. We love that we are getting stronger and more flexible without having to worry about hurting our bodies.”

Our other couple, K & N, have been doing Pilates with us since 2018. While the pandemic might limit traveling around the world, they do not let it stop their devotion to Pilates and working out together. You know a couple is dedicated to their Pilates practice when they WILLINGLY take a Saturday 7a.m. online session. However, their dedication to Pilates is eclipsed by their dedication to each other. They take their session from TWO different rooms in the house. It is a joy to hear them check in with each other during the session and to watch them celebrate each other’s successes. They say, "Crack of dawn Saturday morning Pilates with Diane really gets us ready for the weekend & helps straighten the work-at-home desk-slump from the week. Let’s be tall together!” 

And of course, we add a shoutout to Joe and Clara Pilates, the original Pilates couple. They taught together for years, sharing the genius of Joe’s Method with others. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!